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SAVE THE NEXT CHILD! Family Court Officials Need Education and Oversight.

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This is a petition to the Virginia governor, in order to ask him to set up a committee to manage an education program for Family Court officials on psychological and social dynamics that they are not trained to understand.  This committee could serve in the capacity of oversight as well.  Family Law reform is a very pressing issue in America today and  there is great change needed.  There are several very important movements from Judicial Accountability, to Criminalizing Parental Alienation (Pathogenic Parenting), and even a Constitutional Amendment to Reform Family Law.  Educating Family Court officials may not be the cure, but it may save some children in the meantime.

There are too many parents alienated from their children.  Our family courts are enabling this behavior and more often than not, it is child abuse.  My daughter was manipulated into completely rejecting me and my family  and friends for no good reason.  I was a dedicated father with their mother for 8 years and then a dedicated father without their mother, sharing custody equally, for 5 years, when Anjelica mysteriously decided to reject me and my family.  Her family.  

My beautiful daughter was murdered because the family court in Norfolk, VA enabled this pathogenic parenting by two very manipulative and selfish people.  Anjelica and I never fully reconciled, and many parents go on for years and years without reconciliation with their babies.

In my situation, the court GAL was more concerned about 'losing face', than protecting my daughters.  Instead of investigating my concerns, he simply reported the lies told to him by Mr. Wesley Hadsell as the truth of the matter, concerning his extensive criminal record.  This left my daughter unprotected and gave a career criminal, just out of prison, full liberty with my three innocent daughters, including my 13 year old who was emotionally manipulated into rejecting her father.

Read the letter for details on my proposal.

Thank you.

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