Save the Moller Mansion

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To preserve Moller Mansion its been part of this community since 1870!!

Here’s what I found out about the Moller house.

The old frame house at 3029 Godwin Terrace had been the home of George H. Moller, his wife, Emma Godwin Moller, and their children, Harold, Maud, and Carl. According to an article in the Riverdale Press, back then, as the old maps confirm, the house had stood about 200 feet to the west on Kingsbridge Avenue, and was the center of the Moller’s estate (perhaps a wedding present to the bride from her father?) Ah-hah! My instincts were correct.

George H. Moller (1845-1901) was one of eight children born to William and Elizabeth Moller. William Moller (1817-1897) was a German-born merchant who was a central personality in the nineteenth-century sugar industry (he invented the Cut Loaf Sugar machine, a device which perfected production of the sugar cube). After the sugar refinery business failed in 1878, George became a broker and later vice president of the German Savings Bank of Brooklyn.

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