Save the Family Farms

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  • Situation: Small family vineyards are not permitted to host tastings and sell Napa Valley wine on their family farm
  • Complication: This creates an economic hurdle making it virtually impossible to legally make a living growing, tasting and selling wine from Napa vineyards
  • Implication: Napa Valley small family vineyards will disappear......if nothing changes
  • Position: We do not want to change the WDO and are not asking for a permit to make wine
  • Proposal: Please support this petition for creation of a Napa County policy Napa County policy to allow limited wine tasting & direct to consumer sales on small family vineyards that meet responsible regulations 

Save the Family Farm Benefits: 

  • Creates a balanced playing field for equal access to “direct to consumer" tasting and sales for small family vineyards.
  • Preserves Napa’s small family farm legacy and unique history
  • Protects the environment by eliminating the need for new infrastructure.
  • Keeps Agriculture as the highest and best use of Napa Land
  • Enables family farms to be passed down to the next generation
  • Reduces the takeover of farmland