Save The Chinese White Dolphin!

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Can you believe that this unique pink dolphin species is in danger of extinction?

The Chinese White Dolphin is presently found in the waters of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Estuary of China. As of 2012, there were only 61 individuals observed off the coast of Hong Kong, a 60% decrease from 158 dolphins in 2003. 

These dolphins are currently being threatened by land reclamation (a process of reclaiming land from the sea) within their habitat, that will pave the way to build a third runway for the Hong Kong International Airport.  This construction will not only cause devastating habitat loss for the vulnerable Chinese White Dolphin but it will greatly increase water and noise pollution, as well as fatal boating strikes as land is reclaimed from the environment.

Many people do not know that such a species of dolphins exists in this part of the world but also many people do not know that there is a Hong Kong Disneyland that has been open to the public since 2005, located right in the vicinity of the dolphins.  Disney states on their website that they have a "commitment to the planet", striving to conserve the environment and "protect more than 400 species".  Hong Kong Disneyland is jointly owned by the Walt Disney Company and the government of Hong Kong. 

Together, we should petition Disney to take a stand about this species of dolphin and attempt to reverse the Hong Kong government’s decision to proceed with the third runway construction.  The consequence of undergoing the construction will most assuredly be tragic for this unique dolphin species. Let Disney know that you do not want them to remain silent and that you want the Chinese White Dolphins to be protected.

My name is Michael Tobet.  I am the author of a book entitled "Pink Dolphins of the World, Symbols of Global Change", which educates and empowers children, and in turn their parents, to help save the environment of pink dolphins and elsewhere around the world. 

Please sign this petition and help to save these dolphins before it is too late.