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Save Randy Ethan Halprin From The Executioner

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We are the friends and supporters who are trying to save Randy from unjustly being put to death by the State of Texas for a crime he did not commit.
Randy was sentenced to death on June 12, 2003 under the controversial Texas Law of Parties. This unjust law states that even though a co-defendant may NOT have participated in the murder or caused a death, he can still face the death penalty. It also states that he should have "anticipated" the crime. However, that would require the ability of a mind reader!
Evidence is overwhelming that Randy was NOT a shooter. We have original statements from his co-defendants whom ALL state that Randy did not shoot. There is also recent testimony from three of the co-defendants re-affirming these facts and stating that had they been called to testify in Randy's trial on these issues, they would have. You can view those documents yourself.
Randy did NOT receive a fair trial. There is evidence of prosecutorial misconduct. Clear evidence of abuse and abandonment from his childhood was not permitted to be heard as mitigating circumstances for his jury to consider. They also would not allow a key and crucial document created by the State of Texas that clearly shows Randy as the least dangerous of his co-defendants.
We implore you to write a letter to the Governor of Texas and the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole. We ask that you sign this petition. Our hope is that with enough support, these wrongs can be corrected. Thank you for showing your support! Please help us stop the insanity of state sanctioned murder!! Contact Governor Rick Perry and the Board of Pardons and Parole. Let them know that we demand these laws be changed!
For more information about Randy's case and the injustices of the Texas Law of Parties, please go to Randy's website:

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