Save Our Climate - Acknowledge that Net Zero Needs Nuclear at COP26

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We are a team of young, international volunteers made up of engineers, scientists and communicators, who are passionate about saving our planet!  

A clean, sustainable and abundant low-carbon future is what we want for everyone and our mission is to accelerate the ability of the world to achieve net zero by 2050, by driving collaboration between nuclear and renewable technology.

COP26 in Glasgow represents a critical opportunity for our nations to come together and take action, collectively changing the way we think about climate and setting us on the path towards achieving Net Zero.

We are calling on all negotiators and policy makers who are involved at COP26 to take a scientific and technology neutral approach to energy policy and financing which can promote sustainable collaboration between nuclear and renewables.


Our 2021 Nuclear for Climate position paper highlights these core messages:

  • Nuclear is a proven and effective low carbon energy source: Nuclear is a proven low carbon source of energy which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and can replace our current reliance on polluting fossil fuel sources.
  • Nuclear is available, scalable and deployable: New nuclear needs to be deployed at scale and urgently, along with renewables, in order for Net Zero targets to be achievable.
  • Nuclear is a flexible and affordable source of clean energy: Nuclear can integrate with an increasing supply of variable renewables to deliver efficient and affordable clean energy systems.
  • Nuclear can deliver more than just low carbon electricity: Nuclear is also capable of supporting the decarbonisation of other sectors, such as heating and transport.
  • Nuclear supports inclusive and sustainable global development: Nuclear promotes global socio-economic benefits and is strongly aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

You can find details of all our sources in the position paper.

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