Protect Our Traditions and Australian Brumbies from Extinction

Protect Our Traditions and Australian Brumbies from Extinction

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Marilyn Nuske started this petition to Daniel Andrews (Premier of Victoria) and

Australians hold Traditional connections with Brumbies  Horses arrived in Australia on tall ships nearly 250 years ago, and were acknowledged and revered for their contributions to the establishment of colonies as workhorses. Brumbies hauled logs and were used in farming. Horses were realeased into bushlands and grazed with stock animals. Brumbies have lived symbiotically with native wildlife for over two centuries. Most Australians nowadays have a traditional connection with Brumbies. Recognised as an iconic symbol, Brumbies are a part of our traditions and culture.

Brumbies have lived in harmony with Australian flora and fauna for about two centuries, since they were released into Australian bushlands, well before the declaration of National Parks.  Brumbies are revered and respected for their cultural and social values by the Australian public. Brumbies hold Heritage value for all Australians. Brumbies are descendants of remount stock that were sent to war with Australian soldiers. 

Victorian Brumbies  are sadly  under threat of ground or aerial shooting in Victorian  National Parks, the Alpine Park, which includes Bogong High Plains and Barmah National Park. 

Parks Victoria Act does not mandate that Brumbies must be shot or removed.  Parks Victoria Act places an obligation on Parks Victoria to "control" introduced species and shooting is not a mandated outcome, nor is complete removal necessary.

We advocate for the State of Victoria to listen to calls for the enactment of Legislation that will acknowledge the Heritage value of Victorian Brumbies and, provide for the preservation and conservation of sustainable managed brumby populations in all 3 key areas of  Victoria. Any removal of Brumbies must take place in stages, if and when necessary. Science not slaughter.

Policy based on flawed population numbers and false claims of damage is flawed policy, and we call for appropriate population counts to be undertaken before any action takes place.  


In New South Wales the Minister for Environment has inappropriately delayed the implementation of a new Management Plan to replace the 2008 Plan under which he continues to remove Brumbies from the Kosciouszko National Park despite constituent outcry.     In 2018 the Kosciouszko Wild Horse Heritage Act was enacted and a Community Advisory Panel appointed, yet the Minister continues to delay to release the draft Plan, all the while continuing to remove Brumbies under an old Plan is cynically not complying with the object of the Act, found at section 4.

The NSW enactment of Legislation in 2018 did not see the law makers contemplating Brumbies being sent to knackeries nor removed to the point populations are reaching unsustainable numbers. This is not "preservation and conservation" in accordance with the object of the Act. 

The Cultural and Heritage Value of Brumbies. The Traditional Values.

Brumbies are an integral part of Australia’s social history and hold important cultural and heritage value for all Australians. Brumbies from the Alpine Region are descendants of the same founding stock of Brumbies that were used during  World War 1.  Genetic sampling has been taking place since 2014 with Australian Brumbies being included in the World Wild Horse Data base, undertaken by the university of Texas with Dr Gus Cothran at the helm.

The Australian Brumby is a much-loved iconic figure and has been immortalized in Elyne Mitchell’s Silver Brumby books, recorded in many poems, films, songs, internationally acclaimed artworks and folklore since colonization.  Brumbies contributed toward establishing the colonies in Australia.

Extremist politicised groups must not intermingle in decisions concerning Australia's cultural heritage values, and Brumbies hold significant cultural and social value for all Australians. 

The State Government's   ignores current and international independent science that recommends the reintroduction of large herbivore to the natural environment because of  ecological benefits gained in areas where large herbivore had previously been removed.   

Brumbies  forage on growth that reduces fire hazards, they spread and reintroduce seeds, their contribution is widely acknowledged by independent science.  The  presence of Brumbies is  complimentary to native species and Brumbies have lived symbiotically and successfully with native and other wildlife in our National Parks for nearly 200 years.

Victorian Legislation

We seek the enactment of  Legislation to protect Victorian Brumbies,  the  “Victorian Brumby Heritage Act” (Vic)  which shall  “recognise the heritage value of sustainable wild horse populations within the Barmah, Alpine National Park and surrounding area of the Bogong High Plains, and to protect that heritage.”

ePetition calling for Brumby Legislation:

"The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Council call on the Government to abandon any action that utilises ground or aerial shooting of wild horses and introduce legislation to protect and conserve wild living brumby mobs which should involve a community advisory panel to provide guidance on retention of sustainable brumby mobs in National Parks with agreed numbers to be removed systematically with adequate time for rehoming and public adoption."


Photo Credit: Paul McIver

Please sign the Campaign letter that will send a letter to your Members of Parliament calling for the introduction of a Bill for  Legislation in Victoria, the Victorian Heritage Brumby Act.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 200,000!
At 200,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!