Save Maison Zilveli

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  • Save the Maison Zilveli from demolition.
  • A masterpiece by Jean Welz, built in Paris in 1933
  • Jean Welz's work was a dialogue between Le Corbusier and Adolf Loos, the two leading modernist architectural thinkers and both friends of his. 
  • Conservation of this unique house could be a model for saving modern architecture, such is the opportunities it presents to a genuine sincere owner.
  • "The only avant-garde modernist house in the Paris region" (Tim Benton - Corbusier expert)
  • Unchanged since the day it was built, with original furniture seen in 1933 photos
  • Threatened with demolition by the proprietor in order to almost double the accommodation.
  • A copy that omits the marvellous balcony cannot be sincere.
  • Maison Zilveli can be saved, and at a lower cost than the budget for the copy.
  • Modern methods of repairing reinforced concrete make saving the house a practical proposition.
  • To replace this masterpiece with a pastiche would be a failure of judgement.
  • Maison Zilveli is the last house by Jean Welz, making it even more important to save it in its original form (from a brief but intense active period in Paris, from December 1927 to mid 1933).
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