Save James Braddock Park in North Bergen NJ

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The Township of North Bergen and the County of Hudson are proposing to divert 1 - 2 acres of James J. Braddock Park to permanently house the North Bergen Preschool.  The preschool has been located in trailers within the Park for the past 14+ years, despite promises from town officials that it would only be there temporarily.  Now town officials are planning to build a permanent structure on the site if approved. 

The Preschool has been in Braddock park for almost 15 years - Why should I care?

  1. Braddock Park is for all Hudson County residents and should not be a municipal campus that serves only a few
  2. Hudson County is overcrowded with too few parks, thus we need this space
  3. This opens the door for future diversions by North Bergen and other Hudson County towns for other schools or municipal buildings

The NB Township is still in the application process but there is still time to stop this.  Tell everyone you know you are against this diversion before we lose this park land forever by:

  1. Emailing the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Green Acres Program at &
  2. Telling Mayor Sacco by calling 201-392-2005 or posting on his facebook page
  3. Spreading the word by sharing this petition via social media