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Save families from air pollution!

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I’m a mum of three young children. Living in central London, I walk my kids to school every day on polluted streets.  This pollution is damaging my children's growing lungs every day. 

Whilst pregnant with my third child, my husband was told the exposure he had to air pollution from living in London had damaged his respiratory health. Now our eldest boy has been diagnosed with asthma. 

We agree with experts that say the first step to making air safer for our kids is reducing diesel cars on our roads. That is why we have started this petition.

Fumes from diesel cars lowers lung-function in growing children, increases respiratory problems such as bronchitis, exacerbates asthma, and increases hospitalisations for respiratory issues. They can also cause lung cancer, heart disease, higher rates of autism and they have also recently been connected to alzheimer's.

In the past drivers were encouraged by Government to buy diesel cars because they were thought to be more efficient. But now diesel owners are being told that they will have to pay a ‘toxin tax’ because we now know the damage they cause. This doesn’t seem fair to those who bought diesel cars under the impression they were doing the right thing.

A fairer option would be to do what they do in France and Germany and introduce a scrappage scheme where people get money for taking their polluting-cars off of the road.

The Government must help people do the right thing. We want a diesel scrappage scheme introduced throughout the UK before it gets too late.

The UK’s levels of air pollution needs to improve - some parts of the UK hit their annual air pollution limit in 5 days.

Change needs to happen now. If we wait years for change, the damage to our children’s lungs will already be done.

Unless we take more radical steps to tackle air pollution now, we are saying that jeopardising the health of this generation of primary school children is ok.

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PS. I’m working with a group of parents who noticed episodes of smog and spikes in air pollution that was causing our children to cough and wheeze. Our group is called I Like Clean Air.

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