Save Early Years Education for all - join #TheEarlyYearsMovement

Save Early Years Education for all - join #TheEarlyYearsMovement

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THOUSANDS of qualified, experienced, and committed Early Years Workers are leaving the profession in droves.

Over 4000 nurseries have already closed within the last 2 years. Urgent attention is needed to ensure no more Early Years settings are forced to close.  The minimum wage has increased by 33% in the last 5 years. In comparison funding levels have increased by only 5% for two-year-olds and 13% for three-year-olds.   Increasing the level of funding will ensure the Early Years Profession becomes attractive again.

After years of studying, dedicated staff members with degrees, level three qualifications plus recognised national awards in Safeguarding, Additional Needs (SENCo),   First Aid, Food Hygiene and Behaviour, are leaving for better paid jobs as many settings are unable to pay the national living wage. Bar work, shop work and cleaning all pay the same minimum wage or higher, but the levels of responsibility are incomparable.

We need to ensure Early Education continues to be available for all parents. This allows parents to continue to study, work or provide respite depending upon their specific need. Current levels of provision is under threat of closure.

 Children in their earliest years need time and space to socialise, develop and learn. They are the most valuable and important element of our future.

The “FREE” label attached to government funding is misleading as many nurseries are forced to charge for consumables to ensure they can stay open. Understandably Parents aren’t happy about this, and it is a barrier for some. In addition, the inadequate funding means nurseries are struggling to recruit and retain staff. Again, this will impact on the number of enforced closures.

An increase in funding rates that recognises and respects the hard work, dedication and complex skill set of Early Years Professionals is urgently needed.

If the current position persists, nurseries will continue to close and there will be insufficient places for nursery aged children within the UK.



All sectors within Early Years are affected. This includes Childminders, Nurseries, Preschools and Foster Carers.  Sign now to ensure future places are guaranteed.



Parents and Early Year Professionals at the launch of the #EarlyYearsMovement with over 500 letters to MP’s., demanding action on the funding rates.  

1,024 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!