Save Ealing Libraries from Being Outsourced & Save Library Jobs

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Ealing, along with Croydon, Harrow and Hounslow, outsourced its library services in September 2013, to the contractor John Laing Integrated Services, which sold the contract on to Carillion in 2013, and it was, in turn, subsequently managed under the umbrella of 'Cultural Community Services'.  

Following the collapse of Carillion (January 16th) the Save Ealing Libraries from Being Outsourced & Save Library Jobs petition was set up Monday, 22nd January to express public objection to Ealing's library services remaining outsourced by Carillion or being outsourced to any other private company in the future. 

Soon after the compulsory liquidation of Carillion, Croydon severed its eight-year contract with the company to bring its library service back under Council control, while Hounslow Council had already terminated its contract with Carillion last July 2017.

Bowing to public pressure after nearly 2,500 signatures were gathered, on Friday 26th January, the Council announced that it would bring Ealing's library service back under its direct control from Thursday 1st February, to ‘ensure continuity of service for library users and allow time for all the options for the future of the service to be reviewed and considered.’  The full notification is available via this link:  Leader of the Council, Julian Bell, later confirmed that ‘in making the long-term decision, an in-house option will certainly be on the table" 

 The current situation is this, on 1st February Ealing Council has transferred its 'front-line operational staff (about 114 individuals) in Ealing’s libraries into council employment on the same terms and conditions as they had under Carillion,' This is to be welcomed.

However, the council makes it clear that over the coming months it seeks to use the 'experience of running the service in-house' in the hope that it will provide 'real-world evidence' about the 'costs and benefits of an in-house option' which could be weighed up against 'going to a contracted-out option.' (Julian Bell, 29th January 2018)

In the light of the council’s statement of its position, we, the undersigned, petition the council to commit to keeping all of Ealing’s 13 libraries under Its control on a permanent basis to safeguard its future library provision plus guarantee the jobs of library staff.

We object to the council considering the possibility of any future outsourcing as an option, since the experience and well documented failure of Carillion ( like the experience of outsourcing libraries in the USA - in relation to the US private library firm LS&S losing its contract in Santa Clarita, California- ( show that it is just not a viable option.  

If Ealing’s library services were to suffer any job losses across the borough, we believe it would have irreparable damage on librarian families and the local economy.  Furthermore, any future library closures would also place various communities at risk by:

 1.      Denying children, young people and youth groups the opportunity to access books, community learning and cultural facilities.

2.      Isolating vulnerable groups such as the elderly and disabled who would otherwise make use of the library.

3.      Excluding unemployed men and women from accessing the internet to seek job employment.

Our libraries are beacons of our communities. 

Professor Benjamin Zephaniah, pictured with Bogle L'Ouverture Publications Co-Founder, Publisher and Activist, Eric Huntley, during a visit to Ealing Central Library in 2014 to participate in an interview about his life and published works with members of Writing, Acting & Publishing Project for Youngsters (WAPPY), writes this in support of the campaign, 

 "Ealing Library is not just another business on the high street, it is a sanctuary, a safe place, and a place of learning. It is a place that has turned lives around and saved lives. It should never be left to companies who are motivated by financial profit. The jobs of the people that work at this library must be protected. The people who have dedicated so much of their lives to this place must be respected. I have always received a wonderful welcome when I visit this library, and I know how much it means to the community. Save it, and you’ll save us."                            Professor Benjamin Zephaniah (22nd January 2018)

Michael Rosen, Children's Novelist and Poet has also endorsed the campaign.  He comments that, 

"We must save libraries for all our sakes, so that we can find what we want to read, but especially for people who don't have the space or the resources to have access to books, information and a place to meet and talk."     Michael Rosen (24th January 2018)

Vivian French, Children’s Author and Playwright, states

"Libraries are essential! Lifeblood of civilisation."   Vivian French (25th January 2018)

 Please join this campaign and help save all those hard-working librarians and support staff who keep our libraries going and provide an excellent service throughout the borough. 

We want No More Outsourcing!  Help keep their jobs safe. 

 Thank you.  

 Akuba (Grace Quansah)






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