Stop "Possum Drop" event in North Carolina

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Andrews, North Carolina, is planning to host a "Possum Drop" event during New Year's Eve (Dec. 31, 2018), in which they'll use a wild-caught possum. The possum will be escorted by a marching band where it will then be placed into a plexiglass ball and hoisted above a noisy, rowdy crowd and subjected to live music and fireworks displays until it is finally lowered on New Year's Eve.

Possums are naturally very reclusive and afraid of humans. To subject this wild animal to such a loud, rowdy event is unnecessary and cruel. It could likely lead to the possum's death due to the extremely stressful conditions.

This city and business-sponsored event sets a bad example for children and adults alike that it is okay to taunt, agitate, and abuse wildlife.

Please sign this petition to show city leaders and sponsors that animal cruelty is not a proper way to ring in the new year. After signing, please email the following city leaders and sponsors to tell them to STOP THE DROP.

James Reid
Mayor of Andrews, North Carolina

Steve Jordan
Alderman and Mayor Pro Tempore
Town of Andrews, North Carolina

Richelle Phillips
Town of Andrews, North Carolina

Mike Sheidy
Town of Andrews, North Carolina

Scott Stalcup
Town of Andrews, North Carolina

Sandra Daley, Chair
Cherokee County Tourism Development Authority (Event Sponsor)

Mark Kimball, CEO
Erlanger Murphy Medical Center (Event Sponsor)

Joel Storrow
McGill Associates (Event Sponsor)