Sanction Turkey and Erdogan

Sanction Turkey and Erdogan

4 октября 2020 г.
Donald J. Trump (President) и еще 14 адресатам
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Автор: Arman Padaryan

Turkey led by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan organized the war in the South Caucasus against Armenians.  

NATO is not willing to control Turkey and this country supplies Azerbaijan with weapons, soldiers, drones, planes F16 and military specialists. Turkey is organizing transfer of radical islamists and jihadists to the South Caucasus from the North of Syria, Libya, Pakistan and Afghanistan to fight against Armenians. 

Nagorno Karabagh, also known as the Republic of Artsakh, should get international recognition, or become officially recognized as a part of Armenia. 

NATO should stop Turkey. European Union should stop Turkey. USA and Russia should stop Turkey. The world shall become united against Turkey and Radical Islam. Azerbaijan violates the right of Artsakh Armenians for self-determination.  

Turkey shall be sanctioned for its crimes against humanity. It shall be clearly stated that Turkey is no more a hidden advocate of Radical Islam, but it does support jihadists openly. Not only against Armenians but also against Europeans and the rest of the world. Recent terroristic attacks in France are a clear message to frighten people. Erdogan kept his promise of 2017.  

“If you [Europe] continue to behave like this, tomorrow in no part of the world, no European, no Westerner will be able to take steps on the street safely and peacefully,” Erdogan said during a speech in Ankara.

Only due to effective long-term sanctions Turkey will restrain from further military and terroristic ventures against its neighbors, like it already did against Syria, Iraq, people of Kurdistan, Libya, Greece, Cyprus and has been fighting against Armenians. 

Turkish President Erdogan plans to establish a Panturkic Empire and demolish peace for its neighborhood.

Erdogan already created a military-political alliance with Azerbaijan and inclines the countries of Near, Middle and Far East into hostile relations with the rest of the world.








Подписей: 6 913Следующая цель: 7 500

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