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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Android Nougat Official Update

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Dear Samsung

I am the happy owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (N910F), which has excellent features for my professional and personal use. Unfortunately, it seems like you guys are not interested in keeping one of the biggest smartphones you've ever made, up to date (Android Nougat).

After you killed Note 7, and after Note 5 didn't came to Europe, tell me what Samsung model I have, to match my current needs (which Note 4 fully satisfies)?

Why do you don't keep Note 4 alive until you get a real replacement for it?
It is certainly not because of the technical specifications of the device.

So, please tell me and everyone as I, that want a true replacement for our Note 4, and hasn't got one: Why do you want to kill a true flagship smartphone with no replacement?

Please, be professional and inteligent, and continue to help making the Note 4 a great smartphone, as it always was. After all the problems that you have caused us with Note 7 and Note 5, we deserve these updates.

I hope you are sympathetic to this situation...
Thank you,
A proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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