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Make For Profit Pet Sales Illegal In Kansas!

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Picture this: a tiny defenseless kitten curled into a ball on some dirty towels. It looks up as you peer through the glass at it but can't lift its head very high. It lays back down and can barely open its eyes. It's breathing is quick and it's twitching a little as it struggles to breathe. 

This is not an uncommon sight in many pet stores. 

How have we let this go this far?

Many areas including San Francisco have passed laws making pet stores illegal. I know you are probably thinking "What? Why? Pets are cute! We need pets!" But here's the thing, when you take a look at many pet stores and breeders like Petland you will see that many of the animals are sickly and cannot move around very well. When you take one of these animals home, like I did, you will find that the puppy or kitten you take home has many many health problems. They have worms, liquid stool, hip problems, heart problems and if you check out some of the reviews on Petland alone you will see many people have had issues with their puppies and kittens only surviving a week or so before dying from collapsed tracheae, heart failure and other terminal issues. These animals are sourced from mills where they are bred in mass amounts, taken far too early from their mothers and sold whether they are healthy or not.

This cannot be allowed to continue. Something has to be done. What's worse? These people are charging thousands of dollars for these animals and guaranteeing them with a warranty..that means if your puppy dies they will replace it with another puppy from the puppy mill. That's how many issues they've had with puppies dying. So many that they had to include a replacement plan. Replacement plans are for computers not puppies. Now let's say for one moment that the puppies weren't from  puppy mills..they are still raised in tiny 2x3 glass cages in a filthy environment left to defecate through metal grates that also dig into their paws. When they are too exhausted from kennel cough or heart worms to play..they lay on these filthy grates. We have to do something about this! We may not be able to change the world but we can change Kansas. Let's stand up as proud kansans and show the rest of the United States that we take care of our own. Let's show them that we don't allow cruelty in our state lines. Please sign and let's shut these places down one by one. Let's do what's right!

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