Stop the deportation of Gloria Namuzungu on May 29th.

Stop the deportation of Gloria Namuzungu on May 29th.

19 May 2018
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Started by Beatrice Ivey

Gloria's deportation tonight has been canceled! 

The Home Office has informed Gloria, her solicitors, and Hilary Benn's office that they will not deport Gloria tonight.

This is fantastic news! Thank you all for your support! Obviously, the fight continues and we need to remain vigilant to further attempts to deny Gloria's right to remain. In the meantime, we will keep you all updated with news and ways to support Gloria.

However, two other women, Marlyn and Marlon, are still reported to be on the Qatar flight. Please keep calling and tweeting at Qatar Airlines to prevent their removal:


Gloria, a 22-year-old woman, is at risk of anti-LGBT persecution and violence if sent to Uganda by the Home Office on Tuesday 29th May.  

Being gay is a criminal offense in Uganda where there are regular reports of homophobic violence and oppression against the LGBT community and activists. G has made her claim to stay in the UK based on her sexuality. Despite presenting evidence of her sexuality and the clear risk to her life in Uganda, the Home Office has refused her case. 

Initially, this campaign was anonymous in order to protect Gloria in the case that she is deported. But she has now decided to waiver her anonymity because she is so determined to fight this deportation.

Gloria was detained the morning of Friday 18th May when reporting to the Home Office and verbally informed of deportation to Uganda on Tuesday 22nd May (no notice of 72 hours, including 2 working days, was given or a letter of removal). 

Since then, she has been given a flight ticket despite being in the process of making a new submission to the Home Office. This Tuesday 29th May QR16 to Doha at 21:55 connecting with Qr1387 to Uganda.

Gloria is an active member of the Leeds community. She is a much loved and hard-working volunteer at the Rainbow Junktion Pay as you feel community café who have expressed their distress and concern for her safety 'She cannot go back to a country where her life is in danger'.

What we want: We want to stop the deportation of Gloria on Tuesday May 29th and for her to be released from Yarl's Wood and sufficient time allowed for her to submit her fresh claim. 

What can you do to support Gloria: 

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·    Tweet about Gloria, you can use this tweet as a model:

.@qatarairways STOP the unlawful deportation of Gloria on flights QR16 Doha & QR1387 Entebbe. As a gay woman, her life is in danger in Uganda. Her girlfriend, friends, & community need her in the UK! #GloriaMustStay #LGBTQ #Stopdeportation. Sign & share: 

We are holding a London demo, 12.30 at Harrods, Knightsbridge info here 

If you would like to contact Leeds No Borders email  

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Signatures: 10,092Next Goal: 15,000
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