Create a Fair and Compassionate UK Immigration Policy

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If your dream was to live in another country, what would you hope that country would say if you asked to stay?
How would you hope to be treated by that country’s laws, when you applied to remain there?
You might reply “With respect, fairness and dignity. I’d like to be given a fair chance of success”.

Well, this is the dream of many foreign nationals, who apply for U.K.:
- Work Permits and Visas,
- Asylum or Refuge Status,
- Residency and
- Citizenship.
Do we treat these people as we’d hope to be treated?

This petition challenges the U.K. government to review it’s Immigration Policy and to RECREATE one which:
1) Recognises the humanity of the individual,
2) Is guided by compassion,
3) Meets the highest moral standards,
4) And is built on common sense and responsibility for our neighbour.

A policy which our grandchildren will not look upon with shame, but with pride, as they live within the consequences of our choices.