Bring Wendy Fong home!

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My names Shayleen shell and my mother is Wendy Fong. My mother along with MANY other people have been wrongfully convicted of things they didn’t do, or didn’t even have a part in. I was barley 17 years old when my mother, the only person to ever raise me, was taken away for being accused of murdering someone. My mother is one of the most hardworking people I have ever know, always making sure I had everything I needed, which included her working a 40+ hour job. HOW DOES ONE WHO WORKS THAT MUCH AND RAISES A TEENAGER HAVE TIME TO DO ANYTHING ELSE?! With all this time she’s been away, she’s worked on schooling, and all these groups to better herself. She’s missed out on my graduation, having my daughter and getting married. My moms always been my bestfriend. I have to drive 2.5 hours to visit her for 6 hours, id drive any distance just to get a hug and a few minutes with her. I don’t understand how our systems keep getting more and more messed up and things fall through the cracks.. skipping dna testing, giving out public “defenders” who don’t care what happens to anyone who isn’t them. You got real bad guys out there that you’re not doing anything about, but you got innocent people locked up for life without a second thought...