Provide an outdoor learning option for students at Sabin Elementary

Provide an outdoor learning option for students at Sabin Elementary

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Started by Selena Deckelmann

[edit: PPS has now said school will be all online/distance learning at least until November 5. We still think Portland Public Schools officials should consider outdoor learning as an option as they plan for the 2020-2021 school year.]

Portland Public Schools has preliminarily decided that the 2020-2021 model for school will be a hybrid model where the students will go 2 days a week to school and the rest of the days online (or all online depending on COVID). This isn’t going to work well for our family, or many other elementary school students and their families. The current hybrid plan combines two bad options: ineffective online lessons and unsafe indoor lessons. We can do better for our kids.

We feel that Sabin Elementary should more seriously explore having school outdoors during the pandemic. Online school isn't appropriate for young kids, it burdens families, and it widens disparities. There is evidence that outdoor transmission of COVID is rare; the risk is far greater indoors. We are advocating to decision makers to pursue outdoor learning as a safer option for the fall that better meets the needs of kids and families. 

A group of parents of first grade students have already reached out to Principal Williams at Sabin elementary. We created this petition so that parents from the broader Sabin community can show their support for outdoor learning options. 

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Please contact if you have ideas, resources, or connections that might help support this effort.

100 have signed. Let’s get to 200!