Ryerson needs to cut tuition for this semester

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Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19 Ryerson, like many other universities, has brought their classes online to mitigate the spread of the virus. However, they are failing to recognize that this is not a 1:1 substitute for in-class learning, tutoring, and various other on-campus services they offer normally. Yes, most of the content we need can be found on D2L, but what we pay for as part of our tuition is to be taught that content by a professor in a class setting where we can actively engage in learning. 

Simply offering a few video calls and a modified grading system is not the complete answer. Tuition for all of us is very expensive and although many of us do not reap the total benefits of what we pay we should still have the option which is not present now. We are not receiving the same learning experience and having access to all the resources we normally would. So why are we still being asked to pay the same amount as if nothing has changed? Ryerson is saving a large deal of money by only offering a fraction of what they normally do when they are fully operational. So where is that money going? Our tuition is what funds the school and enables them to offer us what they do. However, when those resources are not being used to their fullest advantage they are receiving the same amount of funding for essentially half of what they would typically be providing. 

That is the issue we need Ryerson, and potentially other universities, to recognize and rectify so we pay for what we are getting. Please join me in signing this petition and let's work together and get some of our hard-earned money back!