Ryanair: Refund customers unfairly charged for name changes

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Ryanair is forcing customers to pay £115 to correct an error caused by glitches in their own system. My partner and I booked a return Ryanair flight to Warsaw to celebrate New Years in November. When we went to check-in before departure, we found that my surname had been changed to that of my partner. We were sure we had not made this mistake but when we spoke to a customer service representative online we were told "you have to pay" or to otherwise make a complaint. 

We had to pay £115 to change my surname and are now waiting for the outcome of our complaint. I know I'm not the only one this has happened to. I later discovered an article by the Money Saving Expert that says they have so far had complaints from 44 people with the same issue, in the same time period, and suspect many more. From this, I realised that it was not our error at all and Ryanair was likely at fault. 

Scores of people have been complaining to Ryanair on Twitter - including people who have struggled to afford going home because of this. Ryanair is so far refusing to reimburse customers affected, despite MSE presenting them with the evidence they collected so far. 

That is why I am calling on Ryanair to refund those affected and provide assurance that it is not deceiving it's customers. 

Some customers affected may not know the issue is not their fault. Until Ryanair accept this, it is highly likely many more people will continue to be affected by this. It is not fair that customers are penalised for an error beyond their control, by a company they put their trust in to get them safely around the world. 

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