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This is Dexter my Assistance Dog Dexter he has flown 4 times with Ryanair, we live in Lanzarote and fly home to see my parents, this is a picture of him on his last flight. The Spanish qualification I have has always been sufficient with a letter from my doctor. 6 weeks after our last flight they tell me that Dexter is no longer allowed to travel. He did nothing wrong on any of the flights slept in his bag not making a sound, but suddenly they will not let him fly calling him an Emotional support Dog when his paperwork clearly says Assistance Dog. They do not even speak Spanish and have no idea what the paperwork actually says, paperwork that 6 weeks ago was perfectly good. They now want a certificate from an organization that is not here in Lanzarote a certificate that is impossible for me to obtain, in effect I am discriminated against because I cannot travel without Dexter my doctor prohibits it. He performs 3 tasks for me, alerts me to panic and anxiety attacks, reminds me to take my medication and alerts someone if I fall when alone. I want Ryanair to look again at my case, not every case is the same they are in effect saying I can never travel, this is Ryanairs decision the CAA say it is not law that they have to have this particular certificate that it is down to the airline, Ryanair are discriminating against me. 

UPDATE. Ryanair have finally said I can fly once more in August but I can never fly again until I have got a certficate from a Charity afiliated with Assistance Dogs International... a requirement that is impossible for me to fill as there are NO charities afiliated to ADI here in Lanzarote..

UPDATE I have heard that the CAA have amended their guidelines regarding Assistance Dogs to include dogs trained with other organizations other than Assistance Dogs International. I am hoping this will mean that Ryanair reinstate Dexters permission to travel. Currently The Retail Ombudsman are also looking into the case.

UPDATE. I have heard today that despite the new guidelines Ryanair are still saying that the dogs have to be ADI, they are refusing to look at other organizations.

UPDATE .. Monarch accepted Dexter to fly and agreed he was an Assistance Dog, then they went bust. So we spoke to JET2 what a breath of fresh air, their staff knew the guidelines and asked for clarification of Dexters paperwork also proof of his previous flights and have sanctioned him to fly... If Monarch and Jet2 can accept him why can Ryanair not.. 


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