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RWE: No Oil Drilling in german Wadden Sea

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The oil company RWE Dea plans to do research along the German coast of the North Sea after oil. On four places in Schleswig - Holstein and mud flats of Lower Saxony the group plans to bore vertically in the depths to risky reserves.

The disaster in the golf of Mexico shows that oil production is a dangerous, unpredictable technology in deep water, and accidents unvirhergesehene results have for the nature.
The middle plate has lain in the estuary before the coast of Ditmarsh with the southern edge of Schleswig - Holstein Wadden sea. The animal world would be disturbed by invariable renovation and servicing works on the platform sensitively. Since 1986, it is drilled for oil, on average 2.1 million tonnes per year are promoted. These are just two percent of annual oil imports. Still holds
 RWE-DEA in the oil drillings firmly and wants to extend this even, after the mud flats in 2009 was named  to the UNESCO world - natural heritage..

Together there are about 450 oil rigs in the North Sea, primarily, in the British, Dutch, Danish and Norwegian coasts. If there is a deadly accident, the complete North Sea would be endangered.

An Oil spill  in the mud flats would be a regional disaster. Big areas of the sensitive and unique ecosystem could get lost permanently. The mud flats are the home of more than 10,000 animals and botanical species and more than ten million birds of passage every year.
Moreover, the mud flats every year draw millions of visitors. Also the tourism would be strongly concerned by an Oil spill. Therefore, we push you,
To stop oil drilling plans in the German mud flats.


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