British Citizenship to be revoked from Carrie Lam's ( 林鄭月娥 ) family.

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Carrie Lam (Hong Kong Chief Executive) renounced her British Citizenship to take-up her position in the Hong Kong Administration.  However, her husband (Lam Siu-por) and her sons (Lam Jit-si & Lam Yeuk-hei) is believed to have dual citizenships of Britain and Hong Kong.

Currently, Carrie Lam is pushing through an extradition bill for Hong Kong to chip away at Hong Kong’s autonomy and ultimately taking away democracy from the Hong Kong people.  This bill bypasses the sound and fair legal structure which has been setup in Hong Kong to give a person a fair trial and be extradited back to China where human rights are questionable.

She is opening the flood-gate to people (including British citizens living in HK) to be extradited to China without consult.  By passing this bill, she will be criminally responsible for unlawful trials where the subject is treated as guilty without the need for prove.  UK might also find its citizens who live in Hong Kong to be extradited for political gains.  This bill is a can of worms which cannot be opened. Even Hong Kong's last British Governor, Chris Patten, has condemned this bill, siting that it is a "terrible blow to the rule of law".

Due to Carrie Lam's family British citizenship, it is believed by this petition that her decision in pushing this bill is for political gain and not in the best interest of the country which she represents.  It is believed by the people who signs this petition that she has an alternative route in moving back to Britain through her family connections when she retires.  Hence, be exempted from this unjust bill which she has condemned to the true citizens of Hong Kong.

In closing, by revoking the British Citizenship of her immediate family, this will allow Carrie Lam to make decisions without a British safety net in her role as Hong Kong's Chief Executive.  In addition, despite her family being educated in Britain and subsequently obtaining British citizenship, they have regressed back to their home country for living and employment.  This begs the question of why they need a British citizenship if they are happily living and jurisdiction-ally protected in their motherland.  Their potential value in contributing to the British economy is minimal yet, they seek the protection of UK when it is suitable to them?  This is fair for UK?

This petition hopes to gain 100,000 signatures to send to UK Home Secretary ( Rt Hon Sajid Javid) to review this petition as soon as possible.

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