Free Dental Treatment for All Cancer Patients

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In 2016 I found out via a routine test that I had triple negative breast cancer. I was completely floored. Then followed nine months of gruelling chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are standard treatments for most cancer patients, and they can cause either temporary or lifelong side effects. Dental issues can be one such side effect.

If somebody is diagnosed with cancer, they are exempt from prescription charges for a set period (which can be renewed if side effects continue). However, for dental care, there is no financial help unless on certain benefits - and not everybody qualifies.

Many cancer patients, who have previously had little or no dental issues, experience loss or crumbling of teeth together with a whole host of other dental problems that occur during or after treatment for cancer. The cost of dental work can be overwhelming, even with care on the NHS. 

That’s why I’m asking the Government to introduce free dental care for cancer patients.

Many cancer patients suffer a significant decrease in household income, during and for a significant period after treatment has ended.  This is at a time when having cancer can be all consuming and incredibly stressful, so to have additional financial burdens can be devastating. 

Prescriptions charges are free for cancer patients, and I think dental care should be too.

I’m asking the Health Secretary Matt Hancock and the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to make dental care free for cancer patients for a period of 5 years from diagnosis (renewable if dental problems continue), or for life if the patient has a cancer that is treatable but not curable.

Please sign my petition to help cancer patients who need dental care.