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Project: Brailler want you to ensure that every British library or school has access to a SMART Brailler by 2020. Every blind or visually impaired child should have access to a SMART Brailler in their local area AS A MINIMUM and as standard practice.

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This petition has been started in conjunction with Project: Brailler, the inspiration for which is my daughter Lily-Grace who was born prematurely in 2008 and suffered a hypoglycaemic episode at just 4 days old which has left her Severely Sight Impaired.

While she is confident, bright and attends mainstream school alongside her brothers; at 6 years old she is still illiterate in that she can not read, write or communicate in a written language. That was until we were lucky enough as a family to win a competition which provided us with the best prize imaginable: a SMART Brailler from the USA.

SMART Braillers are extremely rare in the UK and currently children like Lily-Grace (if they are lucky) only have access to a standard dated Brailler which doesn’t even provide feedback to the child. They are the equivalent to an old-fashioned type-writer and haven’t been upgraded in years.

Our country would find it totally unacceptable if our children were still learning their education on old fashioned type writers instead of the most up to date computer technology, so why do we accept this for our VI and blind children who are already challenged visually?

Straight after our family won the SMART Brailler I decided to crowd-fund for the £5000 to provide all the other competition finalists with one and it has transformed all our lives.

A SMART Brailler allows feedback through voice activation and offers a USP port enabling children to actually learn by their mistakes, listen to what they have written and save their work. This not only opens up the possibilities of an education equivalent to that of fully sighted children (e.g. to complete homework) but also encourages creative story and journal writing which offers additional therapeutic and career benefits.

I am now fundraising to provide SMART Braillers across the country but in order to ensure every local library has one by 2020 we need the government to recognise the basic need for this equipment on a national basis and contribute towards our mission.

Life dealt these kids a hard enough blow when it took their sight. Please help me continue to raise money to give these bright, articulate inspirational children a better future. You can check out our progress at Thank you.


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Kristy Hooper needs your help with “Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Nicky Morgan MP: Project Brailler want you to ensure that every British school and library has access to a Smart Brailler by 2020. Every blind or visually impaired child should have access to a SMART Brailler in their local area A”. Join Kristy and 1,704 supporters today.