"RTE Should Apologise For Grossly Offensive Discrimination" - Becky Kealy, Aontú

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I, the undersigned seek an apology from RTE for the grossly offensive 'NYE Countdown Show' broadcast on the night of New Year’s Eve. Typical of RTE comedy, (and I use that term loosely), the programme was poorly produced and completely unfunny. The RTE effort at parody and satire fell flat repeatedly.

In an effort at cheap laughs the programme delivered a sketch in which God was accused of raping a migrant girl, Mary. The sketch was completely offensive to millions of practicing Christians in Ireland. It is inaccurate according to any book of faith. It makes little of sexual crime at a time when it is a real and prevalent issue for so many.

RTE would not deliver such an offensive sketch targeted at any other religion. Imagine the outrage that would emerge if similar was delivered targeting Allah. At a time when Christians are being targeted, attacked and killed all over the world, this type of casual anti-Christian/sectarianism by RTE, financed by the public, is not acceptable.

Ireland is a pluralist republic. That diversity is part of the richness of Ireland. Yet this casual discrimination and continuous ridicule against Christians is creating a chilling effect pushing religious expression into the closet. This is wrong and RTE should apologise for this action.