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Shut down @Pets Melbourne Central due to Animal cruelty

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The @pets Melbourne Central store is constantly neglecting its animals and does basically nothing when customers complain. I honestly do not understand how this store is still running when there are constant complaints about Animal Cruelty with this store.A quick google search will show you constant complaints and negative reviews of the store if you yourself have never been, but today i will share you 4 experiences, all negative, that i have gotten when visiting this store.

Now mind you i have only lived in Melbourne for 4 years and have only visited this store 4 times during this time however every time i have visited i have seen evidence of the neglect the animals have received. These are my experiences:

The first time i visited the store the main thing i noticed was the fish or for that matter the fact the nearly all the fish were dead except for 3-5, which were starting to eat the dead fish. When i raised the issue with the team member who at the time must have been celebrating something as they were eating cake all they said to me was "yeah we know" and continued on, like nothing was wrong with having tanks filled with dead fish and having starving fish.

The second time was during a hot summer in Melbourne where the temp was around 36 degrees. None of the animals had water, none. The animals were clearly thirsty, and who wouldn't be when subjected with no water on a hot summers day. When bringing it up with the team all they did was put a bottle of water in with them, not a bowl of water but a bottle of water.

The third time,i didn't visit the store but was going past when i noticed a kitten with an obvious eye infection. The eye was swollen and weeping badly. When i raised it with staff all they said was the "animals care is up to date with RSPCA guidelines and is RSPCA approved."

Now today on the 17/10/2016 is the fourth experience where me and my partner noticed a little husky puppy, we, of course had a look only to be completely disgusted. The poor thing had no energy and clearly looked underweight.

I am fed up with this stores treatment of Animals. It has to stop.

Please help me and these poor Animals to close down the store and to provide them with better care.

Please and Thank You.

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