Permanently restrict motor vehicles from using our Royal Parks

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The Royal Parks charity looks after eight of London’s largest open spaces; Hyde, The Green, Richmond, Greenwich, St James’s, Bushy and The Regent’s Parks, and Kensington Gardens as well as managing various other open spaces in London.

Since the lockdown began, vehicles have been restricted from using the parks.  As a result, thousands upon thousands of people have starting using and rediscovering their green spaces.  Children can safely learn to cycle without the fear of cars being on the roads. Families can enjoy the spaces together. Pollution is massively reduced, with the air being clearer and cleaner than ever.

Many people are now using the parks exactly as they should be: for exercise and enjoyment, to boost mental and physical health and wellbeing and to appreciate the beauty of these green spaces that we are all so extremely privileged to have access to.

Our parks are famous for wildlife and nature.  The quiet and calmness that parks without vehicles bring, only serves to give a vital boost to help the variety and sustainability of all of the animals residing in the parks.  

We all have a moral and civil duty to make sure we protect these spaces for the enjoyment of all for years to come.