Keep Royal Mail Saturday letter delivery

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The delivery of letters might not be important for you. But there are some people who are still relying on the good old letter. And the six days a week delivery of post is especially important for them during such difficult times like this year (2020) because of the pandemic.

But it's not about only the letters; how about the newspapers and magazines delivered by post, how about the shopping catalogues, how about the bills, bank statements and other bank communications?

What if your birthday was on Saturday or Sunday? When would you prefer to receive your Birthday Card? On Saturday or on Monday?

In 2022, 24 December will be a Saturday... would you like to receive that Saturday your Christmas cards? If yes, please sign the petition. If you don't really care, please sign the petition for those to whom you would send Christmas cards. So they would receive your thoughts and best wishes on time.

Royal Mail needs to keep the six day a week letter (and other post) delivery, because it is a critical public service keeping the UK connected.

If Royal Mail stops the Saturday delivery of letters, there will be people who will feel lonelier, more isolated, abandoned. And we won't know about them. Who will fight for them?

Thank you