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Vito Marino started this petition to Royal Borough of Greenwich


We the under signed call on the Royal Borough of Greenwich to allow Rust Bucket Pizza Co. (Vito Marino/ Social Assets Management Ltd /Mercato Internazionale Ltd) to be allowed to carry on with his business & take over the running of the entire Market for the short & long term at their current location in the Woolwich Public Market as it resolve the issue of have a derelict site while championing local diversity in the community.

Enhances the character of the Local streets  part of Woolwich, improves the local community, safety and security while they create healthy organic Pizza using an original wood fired oven that gives a nice smell and ambience to the area. Good coffee.


Mi is a sustainable community project for the Woolwich Public Market created

togive a chance to new and local artisans to show case their products & help them

to organically sustain the growth of their businesses. The purpose is to celebrate

the diversity of the local community, to promote food & craft through sustainable

Partnerships particularly in Woolwich in the Royal Borough of Greenwich &

generate interest to attract locals of all ages & tourists on a long term ongoing

basis. To be a community hub creating a positive vibe & featuring safe inclusive

activities to animate disused spaces reducing antisocial behaviour and improving

the visual landscape. Our aim is to incorporate the principles of Recycling, Reuse

& Reduce throughout all our activities.

Opening Times

Thursday 17.00 to 23.00, Friday 17.00 to 24.00, Saturday 12.00 to 24.00,

Sunday 12.00 to 22.00 aiming to stay open more days to give more traders the

opportunity to benefit from our sustainable partnerships and development

concept. We will be working towards staying open every day by including the

production of artisan food products on site including showcasing Organic

Mozzarella & Pasta Production that will be an attraction for the local community

including students as well residents from the rest of London and tourist.Create work shop access & mentoring opportunity

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