Pressure Rosie Cooper to investigate Lancs Police for wasting taxpayers money & framing me

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On the 19th of September 2018, Lancashire Police agreed to a letter of apology and £35k compensation for an unlawful arrest, assault, false imprisonment and malicious prosecution against me.  Lancashire police framed me for crimes I did not commit.

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This incident happened in June 2014 and has taken 4 years to fight turning my family’s lives upside down.  The continued lies and corruption within Lancashire Police have been diabolical and must be investigated. 

Although an apology has been given and compensation of £35k to cover my injuries.  A further £100k (approx.) has been forked out by Lancashire police to cover the legal fees to defend their actions and mine for bringing the action.  This is tax payer’s money.  The apology is seen by most as an admission of guilt (in disguise)

This waste of police funds is the equivalent of maybe 5 or 6 police officers’ salaries for a year.  This is ONE claim by ONE individual.  There are many others outstanding within Lancashire police that I am personally aware of.

I am asking for you to sign my petition to pressure my Local MP, Rosie Cooper to conduct a full investigation into this utter waste of tax payer’s money, YOUR money that police have used to cover up their own misconduct.  Think of what £135k could have helped in and around Ormskirk!

Rosie Cooper was involved in my case at an early stage however she would never go public with it.  She sent a number of letters to the police and received the usual fobbing off letters in return.  This is where a decent MP with a little ‘fight’ would stand up and demand answers rather than sit back defeated.

Rosie was apparently too scared of the impact this would have on her political career and she appears to put her own agenda before the welfare of my family who are constituents of hers.  Typical politician!

In 2017, Rosie needed Lancashire police to help her.   Not surprisingly, Lancashire police gave her unreserved access to the police services to investigate her case. 

Since this time, Rosie has now refused to even acknowledge any email/letters from us, her constituents.  She has even left word in her officer that if I call, I am told I must email.  I do this and the emails are totally ignored.

Rosie will not stand up to the police for whatever reason, surely a politician should stand up to any public body openly wasting tax payer’s money. What is the point of Rosie Cooper?

Rosie Cooper could have saved as much as £100k of tax payer’s money if she took action at an early stage but she refused because she did not want to get involved, she was more interested in self-promotion projects in the area. 

What is the point of a Local MP if they do not stand for constituents who have openly been wronged by police committing such serious offences? 

I am asking for people, especially the constituents of Rosie Cooper to demand a public investigation into this waste of tax payer’s money by Rosie Cooper MP. 

This is NOT an investigation for me, this is an investigation for all hard working tax payers.  This came out of OUR pockets, not the police pockets.  

The police can use tax payer’s money to pay victims off and then they try to brush their misconduct under the carpet. Stand up and be counted.

Police are laughing at us all, are you going to sit back and do nothing?  All I ask is for a signature which costs nothing.

Thank you.