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okay,, so,, most of you might not like this ,, but this is fpr our idols aka blackpinks sake. They don't get treated fairly by their company,, keeping in view ,, YG ent is a misogynist company. So let's pull a Knetizen and boycott whatever ygent releases something other than Blackpink group 2nd FULL ALBUM comeback and ROSÉ SOLO.

Blackpink is almost 3 years old and has only 13 songs which is literally an embarassment but at the same time, looking at the success they have with only 13 songs ,, imagine if they would have comebacks every year. 

They make BlackPink look like a model group more than a musical group.

Every member gets treated unfairly.

Kim Jisoo, Lead Vocalist and a visual, doesn't get enough lines in their own songs and doesn't get solo CFs.

Kim Jennie, Main Rapper and sub-vocalist, doesn't get enough rap parts.

Roseanne Park, Main Vocalist and Lead Dancer, doesn't get solo gigs or any collabs despite of being in huge demands for collaborations.

Lalisa Manoban, Main Dancer and Lead Rapper, doesn't get to show off her dance skills which she literally trained for,, she also doesn't get enough screen time in their music videos.

YG ent keeps releasing things that we don't want, like DVDs, PhotoBooks, JPN versions of their songs, Photoshoots e.t.c  we want a blackpink 2nd full album comeback and a rosè solo followed by Jisoo and Lisa. The new CEO needs to keep the promise that the former CEO Yang Hyun Suk made that was "Blackpink 2nd comeback by the end of the year" and "Rosé solo shortly after blackpinks Kill This Love comeback"


Please, Let's all unite and do it for the sake of our girls. They deserve better and more comebacks because imagine how powerful each of their comeback will be. Please.