Mandate Masks in Enclosed Public Spaces

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We are physicians of Florida writing this letter to implore you to take more proactive steps towards the fight against COVID-19.  We need you to require face masks in enclosed public places.  It is well documented that masking prevents the spread of COVID-19.   Studies show that COVID infections are drastically reduced with universal mask wearing.   Without masks, people will easily spread the virus through droplets and asymptomatic spread.   The 14 days average incubation period already puts us at a disadvantage from diagnosing all the cases quickly but mask wearing will slow the rate of infection and allow us to contact trace appropriately and isolate those exposed.   The numbers of newly infected people are rising to record levels in Florida and an increase in hospitalizations and deaths is sure to follow.    The states in which mask wearing is mandatory are seeing a drop in their rates of COVID infection and Florida is lagging in its response to this pandemic.   In order to mitigate the spread of this and bide our time to develop better treatment and produce more PPE, we need to slow the spread.   It will also allow Florida residents to safely conduct business without putting their patrons or employees at risk.    Please consider the safety of your Florida residents as well as us Health Care Workers putting our lives at risk to fight this virus.  

Best regards,

Physicians of Florida