Justice For Richard Midkiff

Justice For Richard Midkiff

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This petition is designed to ensure justice for one man who is the everyman. Richard Midkiff's story could belong to any one of us...

In 1996, at the age of 19, Richard Midkiff was convicted (along with another individual) of second degree murder. As a result, he was sentenced to 38 years in prison, of which he served 23 years. His charges, indiscretions, and accomplishments are listed in the group Justice4RichardMidkiff, found here on Facebook:


During his incarceration, Richard worked non-stop to become a productive member of the prison community, and he succeeded. As an inmate paralegal, he helped advocate for his peers and their families. He founded multiple programs, the breadth of which simply won't fit here. Since his release in 2019, he has been able to expand on his original ideas, and he has continued to work tirelessly to assist those in need. 

It is efforts such as his that are proven to reduce recidivism, and that benefits everyone. So why do we need a petition?

Simply put, Richard Midkiff was released in June of 2019, as the original plea agreement stated that his co-defendant (the shooter) was to serve at least 6 months more time than he. Today, his co-defendant is a free man with no conditions, and yet the Florida justice system is trying to re-incarcerate Richard. This is a breach of contract, a breach of ethics, and is all-around deplorable.

For those who know Richard Midkiff, the idea that he could potentially be re-imprisoned is heartbreaking. But, even for those who do not know him personally, his resumé both behind bars and as a free man should be enough to make anyone stand up on his behalf.

Since his release, he has been a model citizen who has gone above and beyond in his efforts to achieve greatness. Again, please see the announcement section in the group linked above for a full description of Rich's accolades. But every effort he made behind bars, he has doubled during this past year of freedom.

The idea that an individual of his caliber could fall victim to a system that is assumably designed to rehabilitate is simply unfathomable. Richard Midkiff is a shining example of how the prison system should work, and we invite you to discover that for yourself by clicking on the link to the group above.

I am confident that those who take the time to read his story will see that in a world full of liabilities, Richard Midkiff is an asset to society. 

So we ask you here and now to stand up for what is RIGHT! Stand for rehabilitation. Stand for justice, and most importantly, STAND FOR RICHARD MIDKIFF.

We ask you now to sign your name to the petition below. Let's put justice back into the prison system. By signing this petition, you are showing your elected officials that you stand for and support all that is still good in our country.

Your support is appreciated. 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!