Let the Washoe Tribe rename their valley

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The local ski resort, "Squaw", is stolen land from the Washoe tribe and the name is a derogatory term towards Indigenous women. In the amount of time I have spent working with the Washoe women I have learned how offensive and violent this word is which is why I refer to it in quotes. The Washoe tribe is standing up to change the name of their Sacred land and they should be the ones to rename it. Help amplify their voice and give them the right to rename their own land.

As a country we have muffled the voices of our Native people through mass genocide, and stripped them of their culture and way of life. Our government is one of the last governments who STILL have not acknowledged all of the harm we have caused. Just because our government has not taken steps to decolonize does not mean individually we cannot lift up the Indigenous voices and listen to them; it is the LEAST we can do. 

As a start, learn about the land you are living on (https://native-land.ca/ The tribe of Lake Tahoe are the Washoe people. Today, the women are rising up and working to change the name of "Squaw Valley". The term "Squaw" is a derogatory term towards Indigenous women. Before the land was taken form them by settler-colonists, the Washoe used this land for its plants and herbs to create foods and medicines. Since it was stolen from them, many Washoe women avoid their own Sacred land due to fear instilled by the name. 

Amplify their voices and let them rename their own land. Learn about the land you are living on and the people who the land belongs to. 


Photo Credit: www.ryansalmphotography.com