Protect, a hero, General Nathan Bedford Forrest Statue in South Rome

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       In 1863 during the war Rome was defended by Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest against Union Col. Abel Streight’s “lightning mule” raid charging in from the west from Alabama. In April 1863, Forrest had been ordered into northeast Alabama to pursue Streight, who was headed to try to cut off the Confederate railroad near Chattanooga. On May 2, Streight and his regiments of infantry and cavalry — 1,700 men and 700 mules strong — arrived on the outskirts of Gadsden, Ala., and were getting ready to cross Black Creek. Forrest and his 500 men then doggedly pursued and captured Streight’s three-times-larger brigade and saved Rome (that had just been alerted by another Gadsden resident, Rome-native John Wisdom who rode like the wind to warn the city when he realized the Union troops were headed this way).

 ANTIFA and associated protesters are falsely using the tragic death of George Floyd to justify attacks on the History of Rome Georgia and all things associated with the South. Using looting and rioting to scare local residents into removing this General, who still quietly guards Rome today. Will you please help us by signing this petition and defend General Forrest today?