Rolling Loud to +16

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Rolling Loud currently has their event established to +18, but in the Miami one, there's no age restriction, this petition is hopefully made to change that. We believe that at the age of 16 you should already be allowed in this event, as it is the regular age for all the festivals and events around here, and even no age restriction in festivals like Sudoeste, Nos Alive, Sumol Summer Fest, RFM Somni. In Portugal the alcohol consumption is ilegal for underage people. So a good option for the event would be +16, and ID to buy alcohol. Another option is to keep the event +18, but let underage in, if accompanied by adults. It is known that your concerts are pretty wild especially with artists like Sheck Wes and Ski Mask the Slump God, but people above 16 years old are already pretty robust and ready to survive a jungle like that, if not, accompanied by adults, should resolve any problem you may have. But that's up to you.

The generation of 2002-2003 is a pretty huge group of fans of trap, so you can see it a business opportunity.

Lastly, we just want to say an event as big as this one is a first in Portugal, we want to have a chance to see our favorite artists, mosh and vibe with them. Also we want to hear March Madness live :)

Hope you don't miss!