Allow ranchers to butcher their own livestock for charity to help local food banks

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Farm to table

Please sign the petition to allow local ranchers to slaughter and donate their own livestock to donate to the local pantries and help feed the hungry without having to pay a butcher to do it for them.


White tail deer doesn't have to be inspected and can be donated to local food banks and pantries to help the community in Texas and feed the hungry.

Laws prohibit a rancher from slaughtering a goat or other livestock and butchering it himself and donating to a local food bank without paying a butcher a rather large fee to do it.
This keeps ranchers from wanting to do so and donating the meat because they cannot afford the fees to the middle man. They can do the work for themselves or if they wish to have someone else slaughter we can have the fee waved from the butcher that is required as long as the meat is going to charity and not for sale.

This would help keep freezers full
Which would really help the community out. With good healthy local meat straight from the ranch to the table. Instead of pantries having to depend on meat coming in from stores shipped from other places that isn't fresh.

It's OK for deer, why can't we do it for cow, goat and pig, and wild boar? Boar is extremely overpopulated and the meat could really help many families.

Must I have my deer processed at an inspected establishment?

Not unless you harvest exotic wild game for wholesale distribution. The Meat and Poultry Inspection Act defines exotic animal as "...a member of a species of game not indigenous to this state, including an axis deer, nilga antelope, red sheep, or other cloven-hooves ruminant animal." The processing of white-tailed deer is not regulated by the Meat Safety Assurance Division.


For example we had a local rancher who wanted to teach his children about giving back here in Lampasas. He wanted to help the local food pantries and food banks.  Even though we have food sent in it isn't always fresh, sometimes old or rotting. Sometimes the food-bank doesn't have enough food for everyone.  Local hunters such as Hunters for the Hungry can donate deer.  But when this rancher tried to speak with the food bank he found that he couldn't butcher his own animals and donate them straight to the charity.  And even when he tried to speak with a butcher he had to pay a large fee that he couldn't afford.  Especially each time he would do this.  This would help to feed so many people! By either having him be allowed to butcher his own livestock ie; cattle, goat, chickens, pig and wild boar (which is a huge overpopulation problem in Texas) or by having the fee waved as long as the meat is going to charity and not to be sold or by making it a annual one time fee that was affordable to our local ranchers.  It was only after our pantry and the community worked together that we found someone willing to donate the money to the butcher to have the goat butchered to give the pantry that we solved the issue just for today. 

There are so many hungry families, hard working families, good people who need the help.  1 in 5 children still go hungry.  I can even speak personally, the stigma of people who need the help is wrong.  I have a college degree and work over 40 hours a week and I still need the help sometimes.  I think this would help so many people in our community and help us to work together to solve the issue with your help. 


You can also help by donating to your local food banks and pantries