Rockstar Games, bring back GTA 4 vehicles to GTA 5 and GTA Online!

Rockstar Games, bring back GTA 4 vehicles to GTA 5 and GTA Online!

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Since the release of GTA 5 there is one point that I really don't like about the game, around 70 vehicles from GTA 4, GTA TLaD, GTA TBoGT haven't made their way back into the game yet. Some cars came with Lowrider DLC some bikes with the Bikers DLC and since then Rockstar only created new Supercars, sports classics etc. but haven't brought good beloved cars back, which would fit perfectly in the game.

PC users can get them vehicles back into the Story mode by using the great community created IVPack but PlayStation and XBOX  players don't have that possibility.

If Rockstar can create such massive content, with hangars, bunkers, several aircrafts and weaponized vehicles it should be easy for them to give cars, trucks, bikes which are developed years ago, a fitting interior and a little more details. It would not be a fascinating hyped update, but it would make the traffic of Los Santos and Blaine County much more diversified if there was a plenty of other vehicles driving around. You can see it in Figureight's video for example.

So if you also want the vehicles from GTA 4 back in GTA 5 Story and Online please sign the petition to show Rockstar that and share the link to let everyone else know about this campaign.

Edit: And the GTA Online DLC vehicles should be introduced into Story mode, too.