FWC: Change Your Bear Killing Policy

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FWC Change Your "Aggressive Bear" Killing Policy

Under the current FWC policy, any bear that acts aggressively is killed. This policy does not take into account the circumstances that cause bears to act aggressively.

In recent news a woman in Longwood, FL let her dog outside off-leash at night. The dog spotted a mother bear with cubs and started barking at the bears. The woman tried to run back to her house, which caused the bear to chase after her. She tripped and fell and hit her head. The bear bit her ankle.

The mother bear perceived the dog and woman as a threat and as a warning bit, the woman and retreated. This incident could have been prevented had the Longwood community been properly storing their trash the main culprit in almost all bear-human conflicts. Also, dogs should be leashed, and if you live in bear country, you must canvass the area before taking your dog out and never run from a bear.

We need to hold the FWC accountable for enforcing the standards and laws put into place to protect both humans and bears. In cases where bear attacks occur due to human negligence. A new policy must be implemented that holds humans accountable for their actions. Bears should not be killed for defending themselves or their cubs.

Contact the FWC Commissioners and ask that a policy change be made that protects bears from being killed as a result of human error or carelessness. https://myfwc.com/con…/fwc-staff/senior-staff/commissioners/