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On Dec. 29, 1991 Robert Miles brutally murdered a mother (Sandi Fisher age 37) and a child ( Michelle Markland age 14) and attempted to murder another child (Crystal Kneeshaw age 15)  due to a break-up with Kneeshaw. 

Miles and Kneeshaw started dating late April 1991 (Miles age 18) and on Dec 29 miles became outraged after Kneeshaw ended their relationship. 

Miles stabbed Fisher 22 times and Markland was stabbed 7 times with her hand being almost severed off.  Miles original  charge was first degree murder all through his trial until the end, when somehow the charge changed to 2nd degree with chance of parole in 26 years. 

A day after the murders, Miles tried contacting Kneeshaw.  With no success, he had a cellmates wife contact the family to relay a message to kneeshaw. "I love you and we will be together again when I get out"   A man kills your mother and sister, then still thinks of being together, that just don't sound right.

The first murders weren't his first encounter with the law.  Shortly before Miles and Kneeshaw started dating, Miles had attacked another woman with a screw driver because of another rejection due to relationship.  Due to the fact that the attack wasn't  brutal enough, Miles only received non-reporting probation.  While on non-reporting probation, he murdered 2 people

Now here we are almost 25 years later and due to Good behavior, Robert Miles is scheduled for parole hearing in august 2018. To MURDER AGAIN if released.

I am the victim (Crystal Kneeshaw) and  I suffer from PTSD.  On a daily basis I fear for my safty and my family, even while he is in prison.  My family has lived with this tragedy and suffers from it also whether its my uncle who feels the loss of a sibling or my children who feel the hurt through me or my husband that has to deal with the nightmares and episodes of PTSD.  We all suffer from this tragedy in someway or another.  Reading this petition has put some sort of emotion and loss on you too. 


This petition is to amend the case: Robert Miles  DOB: 10/30/1972  
  MDOC Number: 234164 

From 2nd degree murder, to never be released..   This man has attacked 1 woman, murdered 1 woman and 1 child, also tried to kill another child.  No amount of time should be enough. 

Keeping a brutal murderer in prison without the chance of parole, would help keep our society safe from one less violent person.  

Please help!! Don't let another life be ruined by the hands of this vicious man.  




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