Demanding Accountability for Misconduct Cases Neglected by Roanoke College

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Many current and former students of Roanoke College have had the unfortunate experience of relying on Dean Chisom’s assistance in cases of sexual misconduct. Dean Chisom’s line of questioning and general tone of conversation is based in victim blaming and sexism that has even gone as far as bigoted commentary when interacting with students. 

This petition calls for the following: the resignation or removal of Dean Chisom from his position as Dean of Students, a stronger commitment from Roanoke College to protect and believe survivors, require every employee of Roanoke College to take sensitivity training and educational courses on sexual misconduct, a recognition of past shortcomings on the college’s behalf stemming from a lack of support for those willing to come forward, and reviewing and investigating all cases to find the cases in which Dean Chisom’s shortcomings have prevented safety measures from being put in place or protected assailants from repercussions.

Students should be supported and feel heard at Roanoke College. While we wait for the college to take action, we want all students, publicly or anonymously, to be heard. For this reason, we are compiling letters written by brave members of our community in which they share their stories. Please contact us at if you have a story or letter that you would like to share in support of this movement.