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Decriminalize Marijuana

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Marijuana has been shown and proven to provide many medical benefits and has been legalized for medical uses at the bare minimum in many states, and decriminalized in others successfully.  A compound called CBD (cannabidiol) actually can literally prevent cancer cells from growing. My great uncle in Ohio died two years ago from brain cancer among others that if treated in a state where it was legal, he would have survived. Marijuana also can prevent seizures, slow the effects of Alzheimer's, reduce anxiety and physical pain, and has tons of other benefits. A good friend of mine in Tallahassee was going through depression, became bulimic; she'd refuse to eat for days on end. However, when she smoked, she would get hungry and be able to eat without becoming nauseous or sickened. These kind of real life applications with little to no lasting repercussions show how beneficial marijuana becoming legal could be for society.

According to a Washington Post article, in a given year, more arrests were made for marijuana use than all violent crimes combined. I don't believe anyone thinks that use or possession of a natural herb/plant is nearly as despicable as violence between humans is. The war on drugs is wasting its time on marijuana as even in states that have legalized marijuana has seen absolutely no increase in teen marijuana use, according to the same previous Washington Post article; if someone wants to smoke weed, they're going to. It is time to recognize the fact that America already has much more dangerous drugs available for public sale, such as cigarettes with a much higher long term risks, and alcohol, which claims more lives in a year than marijuana ever has. Alcohol killed over 30,000 people in 2014 alone in America, cigarettes kill 480 thousand a year on average. With statistics like these, the fact that marijuana is still illegal, especially to its extent, is outrageous.


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