Let's keep the hawksbill turtles

Let's keep the hawksbill turtles

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Iniciada por Natalia Moreno


Colombia has always been characterized by its great variety of fauna and flora, despite this and due to pollution and lack of awareness, many species have disappeared, a clear example is the blue macaw, which after being in danger for so long, disappeared your species completely.


There are eight different species of sea turtles in the world. Six of them are found on the Colombian coasts, among them the Hawksbill turtles, the importance of these turtles is very significant for our country because their contribution to the Colombian ecosystems is fundamental. On the one hand, they help to maintain the habitats they use, both terrestrial and marine, they are also essential for the maintenance of coral reefs by limiting the growth of sponges.


One of the most common causes is the poaching of females for the consumption of eggs. Sale of their shells to make objects such as: jewelry, trinkets, combs and glasses. Loss of habitat due to human pollution of the ocean and reefs.

1. Awareness campaigns and punishments for turtle hunters.
2. Ban the trafficking of shells to reduce hunting levels.
3. Carry out security brigades to prevent the theft and hunting of turtles and their eggs during the periods when the turtles have their young.
4. Security brigades to prevent contamination and for beach visitors to dump garbage and destroy turtle habitats, as well as campaigns to raise awareness among visitors to these places.

Our petition is addressed to Ricardo José Lozano Picón (minister of the environment), Arne Britton González director of coralina (Corporation for sustainable development for the sustainable development of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina), Delford Brackman (secretary of public and media environment of San Andrés islands)
We ask all the inhabitants of the Colombian coasts and all the citizens who visit them:
1. Be extremely careful with the garbage that we dispose of on the coasts.
2. Inhabitants or visitors who want to volunteer in periodic brigades to clean the beaches, coasts and protect the turtles and their eggs.
3. We ask the latter to form recreational and artistic groups where all waste or residues that can be reused are used.

"Protecting the turtles means changing fishing methods, protecting their breeding and feeding areas and stopping using the sea as a landfill" Milko Schvartzman, member of the Greenpeace International oceans campaign.

14,595 personas firmaron. ¡Ayuda a conseguir 15,000!