Stop Hay rd. Rezoning.

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The City of Revelstoke is considering rezoning 1794 and 1836 Hay rd, and 1738 Grizzly Lane in upper Arrow Heights to allow for a high density housing development.  

Upper Arrow Heights is made up of large R1 lots. Homeowners purchased homes here because of the low density of housing and the quiet, low traffic area.

Upper Arrow Heights has already had significant rezoning approved against the wishes of many residents of the area. The Mackenzie Village development will be the single biggest residential development in Revelstoke. The majority of the development is high density. There is no need to add further high-density housing to the neighbourhood. R1 lots are selling at a rapid pace in Revelstoke. Arrow Heights is seeing a significant number of new houses being constructed. There is no reason for rezoning when R1 lots are in high demand in this neighbourhood.

The proposed development plans to utilise Hay rd. as the access. Hay rd. is the only access to the existing upper Arrow Heights neighborhood. The increase in traffic will cause congestion and be hazardous to pedestrians and the many children in the neighborhood. Like most of Arrow Heights, Hay rd. has no sidewalks. 

Council has really lost its way on this issue. Council seems to be more concerned with potential future residents of Revelstoke than existing taxpayers. They have forgotten what makes Revelstoke so popular. Revelstoke is a small town, with many quiet neighbourhoods. Cramming high density housing developments into any place they can fit will destroy the character and unique draw of our town. I urge council to follow their mandate and do what is in the best interest of the existing taxpayers of Arrow Heights and Revelstoke, deny this rezoning application.       

Please sign our petition to stop Revelstoke City Council from rezoning on Hay rd. Send the message to Council that we do not support high density housing developments in upper Arrow Heights.