Reunite Ukrainian Orphans & their American Host Families

Reunite Ukrainian Orphans & their American Host Families

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  • Ukraine has a limited time to decide what to do with orphans that have evacuated.  
  • Ukraine is currently saying all children will stay within Europe. 
  • All adoptions are on hold for an unknown time period.  Instead of relocating these kids to countries around Europe and in "possible makeshift" institutions, these kids should be able to return to homes that they have been previously hosted in.  
  • Over 70% of hosted children are in adoption process and during this time period when adoptions are on hold- these kids should be allowed to return to homes they are familiar and comfortable with

Russian forces are reportedly attacking civilian targets including schools, hospitals, and private homes with no regard for the safety of innocent civilians. Currently, over one million Ukrainians have fled their country and millions more have been internally displaced. Among them are hundreds of vulnerable orphans who want nothing more than to be back in homes that they know.  Many that hosted are at different stages of the adoption process and have remained in close contact with the orphans.

We write today asking the Administration to do everything it can to provide for the safety and security of these children. While we appreciate the efforts the Administration is currently making to aid these orphans, we believe more can be done. Specifically, we can create a process for those families who have previously hosted a Ukrainian orphan to do so again. These families have already demonstrated that they can provide safe loving homes for these children and have approved paperwork from their previous hosting. During this crisis, the best place for these orphans is with these caring families that already have established relationships and have stayed in contact with children.

To that end, we urge you to:
1. Grant these orphans new six-month (B-1/B-2) visas to return to the United States to stay with their host families.
2. Work closely with existing Ukrainian authorities to ensure the requisite travel authorizations are granted. This coordination can be done through the Office of Children’s Issues which already has working relationships with adoption service providers and the relevant Ukrainian authorities.
3. Continue to work with Ukrainian authorities to find ways to expedite the international adoption process without compromising critical safety measures.

We believe these proposals are actionable because much of the necessary structures are already in place. There are existing records for these children from their original visa application, which will help identify which orphans would be eligible. The families in question had to be vetted to participate in the hosting program so there are already records of their approval. As such, we urge the Administration to move quickly to implement these proposals.

Thank you for your close attention to this important matter and we look forward to an expeditious response.

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At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!