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Don’t let these sisters die! Please help before midnight!

White Coat Waste Project

Sep 1, 2021 — 

Good evening,

I’m writing you tonight because two female kittens are currently undergoing extremely painful (and violating) bladder control experiments at Louis Stokes VA Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Here’s what we know about the Stokes Sisters:

  • They’re just over a year old
  • They’re both blotched tabbies (meaning their little fur coats are decorated with thick curved bands in a swirled pattern)
  • They were never given names, just government ID numbers (#M207919 and #M208761) 

We also know that out of the 14 kittens abused in this lab, 11 have already been exterminated by VA white coats.

But there's a silver lining: 1 of them was adopted out in February of this year.

That means there is hope for the Stokes Sisters.

And that’s where you become a critical part of this effort.

EMERGENCY MIDNIGHT DEADLINE: If we can fund our campaign to cancel payout #OT2OD023873, we can end the torture for good and make sure they are adopted out instead of being killed.

You see, VA bureaucrats have already wasted $3.7 MILLION of your taxes on these pointless experiments.

But they are desperately fighting to fund another round:


If payout #OT2OD023873 is reauthorized, there is a slim chance the Stokes Sisters will make it out alive.

The deadline to cancel the funding is TONIGHT.

Will you consider a donation of even just $2 ($1 per kitten) to fund our emergency campaign to rescue the Stokes Sisters?

You can donate here:


Christine McPherson
Development Manager
White Coat Waste Project

P.S. With your help, I know for a fact we can end the Cleveland VA’s kitten torture for good

Why? Because our team has fought the VA many times before… and won.

WCW has shut down nearly 80% of the VA’s dog labs, and got bureaucrats to retire survivors – for the first time in the agency’s history.

And you remember Dorothy the monkey, right? Well, just last week, we shut down the Minneapolis VA’s $7 million Angel Dust and schizophrenia lab.  It’s the year’s first and ONLY major WIN for lab primates in the United States!

And don’t forget, with your help, WCW recently shut down the Los Angeles VA’s horrific kitten lab.

Now we need your help again… this time, to cancel payout #OT2OD023873 and SAVE THE STOKES SISTERS!

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