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Save the Stokes Sisters!

White Coat Waste Project

Aug 30, 2021 — 

IN 36 HOURS: Stokes VA Medical Center in Cleveland may be authorized to begin a NEW ROUND of extremely DISTURBING and painful BLADDER CONTROL experiments on kittens.

It’s an emergency because our investigators just discovered evidence that 2 lab kittens are STILL ALIVE!

AUGUST 31 DEADLINE: If we can cancel payout #OT2OD023873 before the funding deadline, we can rescue both of these two baby girls.

But as you know by now, we must fully fund this rescue mission before we can take action. Will you help us cover our emergency budget?

Take Action:

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Kellie Heckman.

I'm an animal advocate, and I adamantly believe taxpayers shouldn't be forced to pay for cruel kitten experiments. That’s why I support the White Coat Waste Project.

In fact, after WCW shut down the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture's notorious Kitten Slaughterhouse, I volunteered to adopt two of the survivors.

Perhaps you remember them as cats #87 and #15KEY5 — the government I.D. numbers tattooed inside each of their ears. To me, they are Delilah and Petite.

Every day, I tear up when I look at those ears because it reminds me of the torture they endured for so long.

So when I heard about the Stokes Sisters, it felt personal. I had no choice but to get involved and email you today.

As you read this, these two sweet baby kittens are stuffed in 3’x6’ cages in a dark government laboratory basement – their little bodies trembling in fear.

I keep thinking about how much they’ve already suffered:

Painful surgery after painful surgery. Parts of their spine removed. Forced to urinate on demand by their abusers. Excruciating UTIs. Seizures, bloody urine, and depression. ALL BEFORE THEIR 1st BIRTHDAY.

Save the Stokes Sisters:

Just two months ago, VA white coats killed the kittens’ third sister. She was never even given a name – just a crude government ID # (M208664).

They branded her like a piece of meat!

This August 31 funding deadline is the ONLY opportunity we’ll have to cancel the funding in time to save the two Stokes Sisters from the same fate.

That’s why your rapid response donation is SO important… it’s the only way to give these kittens a fighting chance of a new life!

Rush Donation:


With your help, I know for a fact we can end the Cleveland VA’s kitten torture for good.

Why? Because the WCW team has fought the VA many times before… and they win.

WCW has shut down nearly 80% of the VA’s dog labs and got bureaucrats to retire survivors – for the first time in the agency’s history.

And you remember Dorothy, the monkey, right? Well, just last week, WCW shut down the Minneapolis VA’s $7 million Angel Dust and schizophrenia lab. It’s the year’s first and ONLY major WIN for lab primates in the United States!

And don’t forget, with your help, WCW recently shut down the Los Angeles VA’s horrific kitten lab.

I trust WCW to get the job done. They saved my own babies from being slaughtered and incinerated by the USDA.

That’s why I just rushed an emergency donation to save the Stokes Sisters… and you should too.

Rush Donation:

AUGUST 31 DEADLINE: We’ve already lost 11 sweet kittens in total to the cold-hearted killers running this experiment.

Please help us stop them from slaughtering the Stokes sisters, too.

Dr. Kellie Heckman
White Coat Waste Project

P.S. Your taxes paid for these lab kittens. The Stokes Sisters belong to YOU. Make the VA give them back before it’s too late.

P.P.S. At any minute, a VA white coat could kill the Stokes Sisters. Will you please rush $5 or more to our Rapid Response budget so we can QUICKLY rally Congress to act?

Rush Donation:

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